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Airsoft sniper rifles – A Favorite with the Kids and Adults Alike

If you are in search of sniper rifles, which are electric and gas powered, you will be spoiled for choices. There are innumerable varieties of such sniper rifles available in the market at various costs. However, if you are looking for some sniper rifle which is close to realism, there is no better option than Airsoft sniper rifles for the same. These sniper rifles look like exact original ones. In fact it would not be possible to make out between a real and Airsoft sniper gun if not told. The only thing that segregates the original from the Airsoft variety is an orange colored tip at the nozzle. The Airsoft rifle operates with a spring-powered bolt.
Popularity of Airsoft sniper rifles with young and old alike
Survey reports have proved the fact that Airsoft sniper rifles are not only popular with kids, but they have also made a special place with adults in the same manner. While kids play with them as toy guns, adults use these guns for various purposes – though all of them are recreational in nature. It is quite possible to practice shooting with the help of these guns and many people play shooting games with these sniper rifles. There are different models in which the Airsoft rifles are available. The price rages also vary from one another greatly. You can choose the one that suits your tastes and requirements in the best possible manner.
Maintenance of Airsoft sniper rifles
If you are thinking that Airsoft sniper rifles are just toy guns and need no care and maintenance, then you are completely wrong. If you want to keep the guns in good condition it is important that they are duly serviced and maintained just like a real gun. For cleaning the sniper rifle it is important to disassemble the whole gun and then clean part by part. This helps in cleaning every small part of the gun in the best manner. Some people keep the gun after usage and clean them after using the gun for quite a few times. This should be avoided at all costs as it leads to the deposition of dust and dirt inside the rifle. The accumulation of dust, dirt or grease will affect the shooting power to a great extent.
Purchasing Airsoft sniper rifles from various online stores
If you are deciding to purchase Airsoft sniper rifle as a birthday present for your kid or planning to buy one for your own sake of entertainment, then it is recommended to buy the same from an online store dealing with Airsoft guns. Among the many that are there online, Airsoft megastore has carved a niche for itself with people. Wide varieties of sniper rifles are available in the stores and customers can choose the one they like. Along with the rifles, various kinds of sniper rifle accessories are also available to make the shooting experience seem real. It is also possible to grab great discounts on such rifles and buy two almost at the price of one.
Author’s Bio – Sam is a popular blogger and he has keen interests in games of air soft guns. In all his write ups, he shares his experiences and tips


The Chosin Reservoir

In 1950 the US X Corp started an advance into North Korea. The North Korean Peoples Army was defeated at Inchon during a landing by the 1st marine division and with the support of the I Corps from the Republic of Korea General MacArthur ordered the US X corp to attack west from the Chosin reservoir to cut off vital supply lines. Unbeknownst to them the Peoples Volunteer Army had moved south from China to bolster the decimated Korean Peoples Army.
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The American Flag: Whose Broad Stripes and Bright Stars…

Flag Day

on June 14 the United States Celebrates 2 things the adoption of our flag in 1777 and the birthday of the Army in 1775. Although it isn’t a federal holiday it is a american holiday and has roots well back into our history as a nation.
Our current flag with thirteen alternating stripes and 50 stars is a symbol of what our nation had to go through to even start out. 13 stripes represent the colonies that declared independence from Great Britain. With a hard fight and many setbacks we made it through the war and formed a nation. Since that faithful day in 1776 we have forged the greatest nation on this earth and for a moment on June 14th we celebrate our flag as a symbol of the fight to start and the 50 states that currently form that union.
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Building your kit

When it comes to your loadout I would love to say just buy X, Y and Z and there you go, but as we all know building your kit is a very personal and unique thing. While the steps are the same each load out is a unique build and is of course specifically tailored to the player and their style. We can of course lay some of those basic steps with a few questions to help the process go much smoother.

The two most important questions that will set the stage for the whole kit are
What is my role in battle?
What is the base color of my kit?
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Starfest 2013

We had a blast at starfest 2013 and look forward to nest year. Here is a picture form westwords best costume slidshow showing Josh and Mike in costume for the event.

You can check out the full slideshow here

Westword Starfest best costumes 2013